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Looking For Additional Income, A New Job Or Career Opportunity?

Exciting New E-Book Reveals The Details You Need To Know To Get Started In The Exciting & Profitable Opportunities Available In Promotional Event Modeling


PromoModelingBookCover_849x1126.jpg.w300h398.jpgDiscover How You Can...

check-mark-3-512.jpgBe Your Own Boss

check-mark-3-512.jpgWork At Fun & Exciting Events, Nightclubs, Venues & Locations

check-mark-3-512.jpgStart Part-Time Or Full-Time

check-mark-3-512.jpgChoose Your Own Schedule

check-mark-3-512.jpgEnjoy Excellent Earning Potential

check-mark-3-512.jpgTake Control Of Your Income

check-mark-3-512.jpgEnjoy Personal & Financial Independence

Best Of All...No Experience Or Special Talent Is Necessary!

The Beginner’s Guide To Promotional Event Modeling has been created for anyone considering or interested in learning more about the world of Promotional Event Modeling, and current Promotional Event Models looking to take their careers to the next level.

Teens, young adults, adults, and even senior citizens can enjoy the great pay and an excellent working environment at professional events working as a Promotional Event Model. These fantastic opportunities are available right in your area, and you can begin earning money almost immediately.

The Beginner’s Guide To Promotional Event Modeling is a professional industry resource created by long-time industry insiders, including experienced talent, agents, event managers, and producers that reveal the real-world information and insider’s secrets to becoming a successful Promotional Event Model. You’ll also learn about the many advanced opportunities that also currently exist.


Enjoy The Lifestyle Of A Self-Employed Professional Promotional Event Model

 Many of us have thought about the fun and lifestyle of being a Model. However, the phonegirl.jpg.w300h168.jpgreality is most of us have no idea how to properly start in the Modeling business or the opportunities that exist. There are also many misconceptions about the Modeling industry.

Now Available For The First Time…

Now for the first time, you can learn the real-world truths about the many opportunities available as a Promotional Event Model from true industry insiders. This professional industry resource reveals the information you need to know to get started in Promotional Event Modeling right in your home area. You InsiderSecrets.gifwill learn exactly what Promotional Event Modeling is and why it is currently so hot, and why it offers such excellent opportunities.
You will also learn how this is an ideal way to break into the Modeling business, and how this can lead to many other opportunities in Modeling and Acting. This e-book reveals the information you need to know so you can be part of this unique growing income opportunity.

Learn The Insider’s Secrets That Only Come With Years Of Hands-On, Real-World Experience

You’ll learn what it takes to position yourself for success, what the agencies and clients are truly looking for, and the do’s and don’ts to put yourself on the fast track to being a well-paid Promotional Event Model. You’ll also learn the secrets that separate the top, best-paid, most in-demand Promotional Event Models from the others, allowing you, if you are serious, to become this top level Model which can lead to many other exciting and profitable opportunities.

The information offered on just these topics alone, is worth more than the entire price of the e-book, but this is only the PromoModelingBookCover_849x1126.jpg.w300h398.jpgbeginning of what we will share with you.

This is just some of the amazing information you will learn that is revealed in our e-book - The Beginner's Guide To Promotional Event Modeling. Here is just a sample sneak peek of more of what you can expect to learn about in this professional resource guide:

  • How To Get Started In Your Home Area

  • The Importance Of Your Look And Image
Teen Modeling For Models Under 18

  • Understanding The Different Types Of Promotional Event Modeling
  • The Step By Step Guideline To Getting Your First Bookings
  • Creating Your Model’s Resume
  • The Importance Of Having Great Photos
  • Getting The Best Promo Photos To Increase Your Success
  • How To Submit For Job Bookings
  • Modeling Industry Etiquette-What You Need To Know
  • What To Expect At Your First Job
  • How To Get Your Own Top Dollar Bookings
  • Understanding Agents & Agencies
  • How To Work With Agents
  • Getting Paid, Per Diems, Taxes & Write-Offs
  • Contracts & Forms That Will Be Required
  • Web Sites & Promotional Materials
  • Creating A Portfolio
  • Making The Transition From Part-Time To Full-Time
  • How To Work Regionally, Nationally And On Mobile Tours
  • Modeling Groups, Sites & Associations
  • Additional Available Opportunities
  • Advanced & Continued Education
  • Live Training Events
  • Personal Coaching

and much, much more.



Never Before Has So Much Information Been Complied And Broken Down In An Easy To Follow, Step By Step Guide, And Offered In One Resource… This Is The Information You Absolutely Need To Know

It would literally take you months and years of setbacks, time and money to even begin to try to research, learn and experience the information offered in this amazing guide. Just the information on being aware of and knowing how to avoid scams and high-priced rip-offs will save you thousands of dollars, and months or years of setbacks. Imagine the frustration, mistakes and disappointment that you, like many others, will experience without this valuable information.



Are You Currently Looking For Additional Income, A New Job Or Career Opportunity?

Are you unemployed, looking for a change, seeking a job you can enjoy rather than dread, desiring a better paying job, wanting to change your lifestyle, wanting to take control of your own earning potential, or wanting to spend more time with your family and friends? Well, Promotional Event Modeling might very well be the answer for you.

Promotional Event Modeling is perfect for…
Students          Adults         Single Parents         Couples        Retirees & Senior Citizens
This is an ideal job for college students, as a second or part-time job, or even if you are just between jobs looking for some extra income. Promotional Event Modeling offers benefits for many of today’s difficult situations and stressed economic times.



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